Sunday, March 2, 2008

The 100 Revs

As promised, here is the list of ministers, pastors, and reverends that have affirmed the 100Revs statement. We have made 100! But don't let that stop you from signing up. If you are able to affirm the statement, please add you name by emailing

Grace and Peace

  1. Brother Andrew Blair EFO
  2. Brother Jon Owen
  3. Captain Janet Staines
  4. Captain Phil Staines
  5. Dr Les Fussell
  6. Father Bill G
  7. Father Dave Smith
  8. Father Iain Radvan s.j
  9. Father Tony Joseph Newman
  10. Pastor Adam Smits
  11. Pastor Andrew Park
  12. Pastor Anthea Smits
  13. Pastor Cameron Burgess
  14. Pastor David Ayliffe
  15. Pastor Digby Hannah
  16. Pastor Doug Faircloth
  17. Pastor Graeme Frauenfelder
  18. Pastor Jarrod McKenna
  19. Pastor John Bond
  20. Pastor Joseph Thomas-Kerr
  21. Pastor Julie Brackenreg
  22. Pastor Michael Hercock
  23. Pastor Mike Hardy
  24. Pastor Neal Taylor
  25. Pastor Neil Jansons
  26. Pastor Penny Davis
  27. Pastor Randy Edwards
  28. Pastor Rick Lewis
  29. Pastor Rick Viede
  30. Pastor Robert Clark
  31. Pastor Tony Crossett
  32. Pastor Tracey Wright
  33. Pastor Wayne Jeffrey
  34. Rev Andrew Collis
  35. Rev Andrew Woff
  36. Rev Andy Collins
  37. Rev Ann Lock
  38. Rev Anne Mallaby
  39. Rev Anne Wilkinson-Hayes
  40. Rev Anthony McCarthy
  41. Rev Barrie Sutton
  42. Rev Beryl Turner
  43. Rev Bill Lawton
  44. Rev Blair Cameron
  45. Rev Brent Lyons Lee
  46. Rev Bryan McClelland
  47. Rev Carolyn J. Francis
  48. Rev Chris Bedding
  49. Rev Clive Norton
  50. Rev Clive Watkins
  51. Rev Daryl Gardiner
  52. Rev Don Wright
  53. Rev Dr Christopher Page
  54. Rev Dr Colin Hunter
  55. Rev Dr Garry J. Deverell
  56. Rev Dr Ian Tozer
  57. Rev Dr Jason John
  58. Rev Dr Rowland Croucher
  59. Rev Eileen Ray
  60. Rev Emma Walsh
  61. Rev Francis Chalwell
  62. Rev Gerry Ball
  63. Rev Glen Powell
  64. Rev Graham Long
  65. Rev Heather McClelland
  66. Rev Ian Pearson
  67. Rev Jim Barr
  68. Rev John Connor
  69. Rev Judy Redman
  70. Rev Karl Hand
  71. Rev Kevin D Crinks
  72. Rev Lance Lawton
  73. Rev Les Chatwin
  74. Rev Linda Anchell
  75. Rev Linda Young
  76. Rev Mark Dunn
  77. Rev Meewon Yang
  78. Rev Melissa Baker
  79. Rev Nathan Nettleton
  80. Rev Newton Daddow
  81. Rev Nick Jensen
  82. Rev Paul Emerson Teusner
  83. Rev Peter Breen
  84. Rev Peter Holden
  85. Rev Peter Los
  86. Rev Peter Maher
  87. Rev Rainer Schack
  88. Rev Rex Hackett
  89. Rev Richard Mallaby
  90. Rev Robert Holland
  91. Rev Robyn Richardson
  92. Rev Ron Ham
  93. Rev Rowena Curtis
  94. Rev Scott Combridge
  95. Rev Scott Higgins
  96. Rev Simon Moyle
  97. Rev Steve Warren
  98. Rev Sue Emeleus
  99. Rev Tom Pardy
  100. Sister Meg Britton


Angry and Shallow said...

Fantastic....well done. This is exactly what Jesus would do and commands us to do.

Anonymous said...

Terrific work Colin and others!

I think you'll find there are more Victorian Baptists represented here than from any other (State) denomination. There's a greater/more freeing sense of openness in these churches on the whole than in most other collections-of-churches.

For an decade-old imaginary 'Interview with Jesus' about homosexuality see the article on our website:

Rowland Croucher

Anonymous said...

far be it from me... to state the obvious - but how are we to know these blokes are 'really' vicars. For all we know they could be just Joe Bloggs from down-the-road, there's no denominational affiliation mentioned, nor is their level of position in the Churches (they say they belong to) stated - THERE'S A BIG DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SAY (RADICAL) THEOLOGICAL STUDENTS AND PRACTICING (AT-THE-COALFACE) ORDAINED CLERGY!

Anonymous said...

Please add my name to your list. I am sooo sad when totally delightful
people come to talk to me about the horrific way they've been treated by
their churches. It's especially sad when they ask me if I think God wants
them to kill themselves.


Anonymous said...

TO respond to the person who questioned how many were real clergy: I am an Anglican priest whose name is listed and I am proud to be associated with the 100 Revs, and I know that my congregation would back my participation in the event.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the great work! We're in this together and supporting you...Todd Ferrell, President
The Evangelical Network

Anonymous said...

My name is proudly displayed on this list. I am a novitiate sister of the Reformed Order of St Benedict and am a member in good standing, and in the process towards ordination with the Reformed Catholic Church. You may contact Arch Bishop Phillip Zimmerman through that site for confirmation of this.

Sister Meg Britton n/ROSB
St Flora Online Mission Parish

Anthony Venn-Brown said...

Many of us are deeply touched by this project. The entire spirit of it has always been and has remained one of grace.

I work with many people that are still carrying the emotional and psychological scars of the treatment they have received at the hands of Christians and in the household of faith. Some have been so damaged they are no longer with us unfortunately. Putting your names here will mean a lot and for some, will begin the healing as they see happening what they had imagined was impossible. That is, Christian leaders humbling themselves and saying, we are sorry, we got it wrong, we weren’t acting in love.

God bless you.

Andy said...

Hello readers,
my name is Brother Andrew efo and I am professed in the Ecumenical Franciscan Order. So I am a religious brother.

In the past I have volunteered for the Gay and Lesbian Counselling Service and often counselled those who called there because their fellow Christians - members of the Body of Christ had harmed them in rejecting them.

Had placed such a burden of guilt on them.

This was my experience, too for other reasons.

Br Andrew efo

Anonymous said...

I am a hetero Anglican priest in WA and am happy to have added my name to the list. Having spoken with a good number of colleagues, I find there is great support - if not listings yet - for this apology. On Sunday, the day after the Mardi Gras, I preached about this apology and was strongly afirmed by my people for making this stand. I am so glad that there is such an opportunity to "come out" in this way.

Margaret Lawton said...

I am amazed at Colin's energy in getting this program 'on the road'.

Yes, I am another Anglican priest, though I have to assure 'anonymous' that I am no longer a 'vicar'. But ask around, there will still be some people who remember me from the East Sydney area. It was my patch for 10 years. I remember many of them with great affection and count them still as friends.

Bill Lawton

Anonymous said...

Another Anglican "Rev", also on the list. I want to record that I've wrestled long and hard with "100 Revs". Signed up - considered backing out again - decided I must stay aboard.

The march is my sticking point. I personally have big reservations about that aspect, and would not have marched. But as I thoroughly endorse the statement, I'm staying on board and will live with the prayerful tension ...

Anthony Venn-Brown said...
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Anthony Venn-Brown said...

I've made some observations and comments of encouragement to all you wonderful people on my blog if you are interested. "100 Revs - its not over"

Anonymous said...

I am truly amazed at the wonderful statement that the "100 Revs" have made. I was privileged to meet 3 of them personally at a gathering prior to Mardi Gras. I was extremely touched by their absolute genuineness in making this statement and starting this movement. Each had his/her own story with the steps that led each of them to making the realisation that the church has truly been unloving and hostile and has rejected gays for a long time. And not just making this realisation, but determining that each of them needed to do something about it.

One of the ministers I met already had to deal with a close gay family member, in addition to encountering gays as part of ministry. Another so compassionately spoke about encountering many gays who were grievously hurting as part of ministry and finding that in many cases much of that hurt was caused by churches who claimed to be loving. This apology in many ways came from the conviction this minister felt after realising that having been a minister in such church organisations that he had been part of this problem.

I support these ministers wholeheartedly. I thank them for the courage of their convictions. I applaud the many of them who felt so strongly that they needed to make this statement that they knew they would need to march in the parade to declare their apology. For those who did not march in the parade, I know there are many reasons why you did not or could not—this in no way diminishes your part in the apology. I will also support these ministers as they now reach out to gays with a new, more Christ-like heart.

Anonymous said...

You guys rock!

Thank you Lance Lawton for not quitting. Please hang in there for all of us.

Anonymous said...

Dear 100 revs,

I was wondering if any of you were going to make a submission to the HREOC inquiry into the Freedom of Religion Inquiry.

As part of this Inquiry there are three questions pertaining to this issue of same-sex attracted people in the church.

6. How is diverse sexuality perceived within faith communities?
7. How can faith communities be inclusive of people of diverse sexualities?
8. Should religious organisations (including religious schools, hospitals and other service delivery agencies) exclude people from employment because of their sexuality or their sex and gender identity?

It would be fantastic if some people could make a submission to this inquiry who are supportive of diverse sexuality in the church.

More information can be found here:

Kind regards