Sunday, February 10, 2008

100Revs Stories

Our goal is that the GLBT community will know more clearly that the outgoing love of God expressed in Jesus is for them.

Our stories site tells of churches sharing that love, and of people from the GLBT community seeking, searching, and discovering that love.

Contact to submit your story.

May the love of our Lord be with you, now and always
Colin Scott

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Nathan Keen said...

Colin says,
"the outgoing love of God expressed in Jesus is for them"

Yes God loves everyone, and wishes that no one would go to hell--but he is also a perfectly Just God.
God loves them, but they will never experience that love unless they repent.
To love the GLBT community is to expose the lies that they believe that they somehow can't get out of this lifestyle, and to life an exemplary life, not encouraging AIDS proliferation and unnatural sinful ways--which is exactly what you are doing when you parade on something like this.

An MCV commentator (
writes to the 100Revs: "such people exemplify Christ’s message of loving and embracing all God’s children without discrimination". However, this 'love' that you seem to know so well, DOES discriminate. Why did Jesus Christ have to die, if God just loved everyone? He does, but he also hates those that reject Him (Psalm 5:4-6). If they turn to him fully, he will forgive them, but this love is far different from the love you and the Queer brigade espouse.